You Who Wish to Visit Us
Simply contact us through this e-mail address: info@berget.se.

You can also fill in a Contact Form

You may also use our booking site below, but that one is at the moment only in Swedish. It is possible, through some web browsers, to have the information translated:

About Berget
Berget is a Christian community. We seek to promote spiritual deepening and the unity of the Church. The members of the community come from several different churches and denominations as do our retreat and course leaders.

Since its founding in 1962, Berget has been a meeting place offering recreation, knowledge and spiritual strength and renewal to everyone who visits. Our calling is the visible unity, friendship and fellowship within the Church as well as spiritual deepening.

With a wide ecumenical aspiration, we offer retreats, Christian meditation, courses, worship services, community and fellowship.

Berget consists of two houses; the House of S:t David – focusing on retreats, silence, rest, worship services and bible meditations. The House of Meditation strives to include the whole person; body, soul and mind, giving courses in contemplative meditation, as well as spiritual guidance, ethics and our cultural origins/roots.

We celebrate the Holy Eucharist every day and pray the liturgy of the hours throughout the the day. In our ecumenical milieu the Lutherans attend the Catholic Mass and receive a blessing and the Catholics attend the Lutheran Mass and receive a blessing. We pray, eat, work and share the whole life with our guests as an ecumenical community.

Friends of Berget
Since many years there has been a possibility to support the community life on Berget by becoming a Friend of Berget. The Friends support through prayer, gifts and practical work. Twice a year (normally in May and August) we welcome our Friends to join us for practical work, prayer and fellowship.

Berget runs on quite a limited budget and relies on the generosity of many Friends of Berget to keep the place open, hospitable and in good condition. We try to keep our costs down so that as many people as possible can come for retreat. All donations are a help to us to fulfil our calling to serve the body of Christ in Sweden and neighbouring countries.

Donor information:
Swedish bank: Handelsbanken
IBAN: SE92 6000 0000 0007 9712 8298

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